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feisworx close up

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Hey everyone I am so glad it is Christmas break because now I have tons of free time to blog and do whatever ! So yeah I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and that you all have a Happy New Year 2011 :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Baby Got Equations!

Well I wrote this for our math poems/rap! I ended up being the only one doing a rap! So funny! But I want comments and reactions! Have to go enjoy!

Baby Got Equations

Oh my goodness, Becky, look at the equation

It is so big!

It looks like one of those equations that those math

teachers write down on the board! know...Who understands those math teachers anyway?

They only solve equations because their teacher

looks like Ms. King, ok?

I mean that's just so big!

Uggh! It gross!

Look, its just so big!

I like big equations and I cannot lie

You math students can't deny

That when a teacher writes down an

equation with X, Y, and Z on the board

You get stumped!

Got that equation engraved

So you know that those students get A’s

It looks like one of those large ones

With plenty of unknown variables!

Oh baby, I wanna solve with ya!

Cause your math book got plenty of equations

My teacher tried to console me

But those equations you got makes ("Me so brainy")

Ooh, momma-mia

You say you want area

Well, square me, square me

And teach me about complicated equations

I saw them solving While I was teaching

They got A’s...good grades

Those pop quizzes ain't gonna lower down their grades

I'm tired of crazy guys

Saying they like smaller-sized

Ask the average student to take a look

They’ve got more knowledge

then their book!

So...Teachers (Yeah), teachers (Yeah)

Do your students know those equations (Oh yeah!)

Well, solve it (Solve it!), solve it (Solve it!), solve those long equations

Baby got Equations

(Long equations and unknown variables)

Baby got Equations

(Long equations with unknown variables)

Baby Got Equations

Friday, September 11, 2009

In The Shoes of a Average Girl (Full Story!)

Chapter 1

As Chloe grabbed her books out of her locker she slipped as she turned around. “Not again!” Chloe said as she looked at the ceiling on her back. Suddenly out of no where the populars heels could be heard. Every girl longed to be one of the populars. Chloe stretched out her arms to grab her objects off the dirty floor. Chloe looked up to see the populars looking down at her as if she where a bug waiting to be squished. “Chlorine, what are you doing down there?” Janessa giggled with the rest of the dreaded trio. “It's Chloe actually...” Chloe said getting up on her feet. “Close enough!” Victoria said pushing Chloe aside.

Chloe ran away crying. “What a nerd! She even looks like one too!” Ginger said load enough for Chloe to hear. Debby looked down as she witnessed such a cold moment on her first day of high school! Debby brought her survival guide to high school and started to write. Stay away from the populars! Evil! Grr! Debby put the handy guide back in her backpack and headed off for class hoping that high school would be more pleasant. To her surprise she had survived all the way to lunch.

Debby looked around for somewhere to sit. She scanned the crowd, Gothics, Nerds, Populars, ugh! Where do the normal people sit!? A tap on the shoulder caused Debby to turn around. “Um... looking for somewhere to sit?” Jared asked Debby. “Jocks! Wow this should be something new.” Debby said sitting down at the jocks table. Before Debby knew it she knew all the jocks names and interests! Debby was finished with lunch when Victoria tried to trip Debby, causing Debby's lunch to spill on Victoria and Debby to fall on the cafeteria floor. Gasps, giggles, shrieks, and sighs of shock and joy could be heard through out the cafeteria! The jocks helped Debby up. “Debby are you all right?” The jocks asked in shock. Victoria insulted stomped causing her heel to break. Victoria limped out of the cafeteria with the rest of the trio behind her. All eyes went back to Debby. “I'm fine!” Debby said trying to hide her pain. “Your going to the nurse's office!”Matt said getting up.

Debby had slightly sprained her ankle. When Debby came out with no cast, Victoria sneered from her locker. “She will not get away with that!”Victoria said closing her locker. Victoria walked up to Debby with a classic fake smile. “I'm so sorry Debby I just lost my balance! I understand if you don't want to be friends!”Victoria said on her knees.

High schoolers were once again entertained by Victoria and Debby they continued to watch. Debby smiled”Wow Victoria it is so nice for you to apologize! I'm so glad we can be friends!” Debby said assuming that Victoria was being honest. “Best Friends!” Victoria said giving Debby a hug. “Hey Debby why don't you meet us at the mall this afternoon!?”Victoria asked Debby. “Sure! See you guys!” Debby said as she exited the high school! “Wow Victoria! Do you really like Debby!” Ginger asked Victoria. “Not for long!” Victoria said laughing with victory. The trio not knowing who was watching walked away. The jocks talked among themselves. “Debby should know this!” The jocks said.

“Hey mom can you drop me off at the mall? Some girls from school invited me.” Debby asked her mom. “Wow friends on your first day of high school!” Mom said sitting down with her cup of coffee. “Are you going to take me to the mall or not?” Debby said knowing that her mom was not going to like the tone she just used. “Sorry.” Debby apologized. “It's alright! I'll drop you off in 15 minutes!” Mom said smiling. Debby hugged her mom and ran upstairs to get her purse.

“These shoes are so me! Don't ya think?” Ginger said picking out a gold pair of high heels. “You would look better in silver Ginger it is way better and...” Debby looked at the populars reaction and changed her opinion. “It makes you look more sophisticated!” Debby said showing Ginger the fashionable shoes. “Your right I am more sophisticated! Silver it is!” Ginger said as she paid for the high heels. “Do you own any high heels?” Janessa asked Debby. “No. I don't wear them... but I can learn!” Debby said thinking about how much they hurt her feet. “Choose a pair! My treat!” Victoria said. “I can't accept this stuff!” Debby said at the checkout counter. “Consider it a gift! We want you to look as stylish as us!” Victoria said handing the man the credit card. Debby smiled. Debby was burdened with bags full of new clothes, shoes, and makeup. “Hey lets go to the smoothie shop! My treat!”Debby said feeling guilty that she let the populars buy her all the expensive gifts. “Sure!” The trio said happily. As she paid the man her cell phone ran. “Hello?” Debby answered her phone. “Hey its the jocks!' The jocks said. Wow are the jocks always together? “Your at the mall right!” One of the jocks asked her. Debby looked around to see if they were also at the mall. “We heard the populars after P.E.” Devin spilled out. Debby looked at the populars. “They are just pretending to like you! They are planning something big!”Jared said. “What are they planning?” Debby asked. “They didn't say!” Ian said. “Thanks guys! Your the best!” Debby said. “We know!” The jocks said in union. Debby rolled her eyes Jocks! Debby thought to herself. “Your smoothies!” Debby said handing out the three smoothies. “Who were you talking to?” Ginger asked. “My mom wants me to go home know.” Debby lied. “We'll take you home in our limo!” Victoria offered. “You don't have to!” Debby said. “We are friends remember!” Victoria said with the fake smile she had on her face all day. Glad I'm not really friends with her for real! Poor Janessa and Ginger they have to be friends with a liar! The populars dropped Debby off at her house in their limo. “Hey honey! Wow! Where did you get all that stuff?” Mom asked. “They bought it for me! I guess they want me in their clique!” Debby said. “They even dropped you off! They must be nice girls! Speaking of clique's you have one up stairs.”Mom said laughing. “What:?”Debby said puzzled. “Oh the jocks!”Debby said. Debby rushed up to her room. “Wow! Did you bring the whole mall home with you!” David laughed. The jocks went off with their ideas how to make the populars pay! Every time she hung out with them she realized how unique they were all having special talents! They all looked like your average jocks but with a little twist! Devin was a technology whiz, Matt poetry, Jared art, Ian theater, and David was one of schools best spellers. But William was different! He didn't have a noticeable talent! But Debby knew she could find out his hidden talent. Debby laughed. “What so funny?” Ian said sarcastically. “I have an idea!” Debby said. “Do you have to go to the bathroom?” Jared asked. “Yep!” Debby said exiting her bedroom to find the restroom.

Chapter 2

Debby woke up later then usual! She got dressed in the glamorous clothes and shoes the populars had bought her the day before! She quickly ate breakfast and literally ran after the bus! Debby was very alert when she got to high school. High school to Debby wasn't a High school it was a jungle! The populars the predators and the Nerds, Gothics, and normal people were prey. Debby looked around for the populars. Suddenly she saw them coming out of the principals office. At first she thought the jocks did something to the populars but then they were smiling. Thew! Debby thought to herself. They didn't see Debby. “When Debby gets her-” Victoria started. She was saved by Ginger's kick. Victoria turned around. “Debby! We were just talking about you!”Victoria said with her usual fake smile. It was starting to get to Debby.

The populars once again walked Debby to her classes. Debby escaped them at lunch. “Hey guys!” Debby said sitting down at the jock's table. “Debby now will you tell us your plan!”William pleaded. “Debby come!”Victoria called Debby as if she were a dog. “You'll see!”Debby whispered to the jock's. “Debby! Over here!” Janessa called from the populars table. Debby walked over to the table with a smile on her face! It was not a fake smile! “Hey girlfriend!” Ginger said as Debby sat down. “Friends forever!” Janessa giggled. Victoria nudged her. Debby stood up. “You know girls I have had so many friends! They are all different! They all do so many things! But they've never done one thing!” Debby said. “What's that!” The fake trio said assuming that it was that they had bought her all that stuff! “Lied to me!” Debby said as she sharply dumped the chocolate milkshake all over the populars! People stared at Debby with shock!

It had taken forever for someone to stand up to the populars but the new girl or the girl known as Debby had finally done mission impossible! “Wow!” People said as Debby passed their tables. “High five!” The jocks said. If the populars had any dignity it had been destroyed! All day people in the hallway were cheering her on. The populars for the day were nicknamed milkshake, sundae, and other names that involved milkshakes and ice cream. Debby felt out of her place when she was sitting next to Ginger in biology. After class Ginger called Debby. “Debby how did you find out?” Ginger asked puzzled. “The jocks told me!”Debby answered. “I don't care what Victoria says! I still want to hang out with you!” Ginger said hugging Debby. “Me too!” Debby said. She was happy to still be friends with Ginger. But something didn't feel right.

Chapter 3

“Hey Ginger ready for biology?” Debby asked her friend. “As ready as I'll ever be!” Ginger laughed almost to the point of tears. Ginger and Debby had been friends ever since Debby had started attending Hamburg High! Ginger and Debby had been working on biology ever since they had both received a disappointing D-. ~ I was very surprised to find that some of you have studied for a change.” Mr. Posvar said passing out the anticipating biology tests. “But sadly some of you didn't even try.” Mr. Posvar stopped right in front of Debby's desk. “Hmm?” Mr. Posvar said staring down at Debby. Debby not knowing what to do open her big mouth. “Welcome to Debbytania!” Debby said smiling up at Mr. Posvar. The whole class chuckled. “Very good Miss Ryan. Big improvement!!” Mr. Posvar said as he carelessly tossed the paper to Debby. Debby unbelievably stared at her biology paper. A+! YES! Debby said to herself. Debby turned to see how Ginger did B+ Ginger's paper read at the top corner. Debby showed hers. Ginger smiled brightly at her best friend. For ten minutes Mr. Posvar rattled on till the noisy bell ran for lunch. “Great job today!” Ginger said as she grabbed her lunch tray. “You too!” Debby congratulated her friend. Debby looked up to see the cafeteria. Ever since day one Debby hated how everyone was seated in groups. Debby and Ginger sat at the exclusive lunch table. The two girls sat down. “Hey troublemakers! Welcome to Debbytania!” Ian said imitating Debby's voice in biology class. “Ha ha ha!” Ginger said sarcastically. “Laugh all you want but Ginger and I raised our biology grade! You can't laugh at that!” Debby said. Debby's pride was quickly swept away. “Good job whatever! Did you guys hear about the prom?” Jared asked the girls. “Well we decided to plan the prom this year!” David said announcing the news. “Sorry to burst your bubbles but the prom isn't for a while!” Ginger said confused. “The early bird gets the worm!” Ian said. The girls rolled their eyes, Matt always quoted something which was extremely annoying. The girls quickly left the jocks table. “Ian is so annoying! And did I mention self centered!' Ginger said walking right past Victoria and Janessa's lockers. “Perfect!” Victoria said smiling at Janessa. “I know I am perfect!” Janessa said shutting her locker. Victoria walked away and Janessa followed her. “Ian's not the only one who is weird one!” Ginger said pointing at a boy street dancing in the hallway. People gathered to watch the boy act like a fool! Ginger and Debby continued to walk. “Hey are you trying out?” Debby asked Ginger. “My mom signed me up earlier in the year. You should come!” Ginger said. “No way I am not spending my time with Victoria!” Debby complained. “She didn't even tryout! Her parents basically fund this school!” Ginger said. Ginger left for tryouts. Debby all alone decided to follow Ginger. Tryouts were totally different then Debby thought. Where is Ginger? Debby thought to herself. Debby searched the packed gym. “Okay girls before we start tryouts lets welcome our very own cheerleaders!!!” The coach said. The cheerleaders immediately captivated Debby with their high energy flips, kicks, spins, jumps, and catchy cheers! The music stopped and so did the high energy cheerleaders. The cheerleaders exited the gym doors. Debby wanted to be a cheerleader more than ever! Debby jumped in the line. The tryouts started some girls were bad, good, great, or just plain weird! The coach was honest and fair, and everyone who deserved to be on the squad was given a place on the squad. Debby was thrilled when Miss Anderson passed her a red uniform and said “Welcome to the squad!” Debby went to try on the uniform. Debby stared at her self in shock! The gorgeous flattering uniform glittered under the fluorescent lights. Debby squealed with delight as she kicked. “Wait till Ginger sees me!” Debby said excitingly.

Chapter 4

Debby soon learned that Victoria was actually bearable. All she did was boss everyone around. Debby and the other cheerleaders did whatever the head cheerleader told them to do! “okay girls we are going to wipe some Bobcats butt tomorrow! And we can't win if everyone is screwing off! So get a good night sleep for tomorrow! Our school is counting on us! And we will not let them down!” Victoria said. To Debby she sounded like a drill Sargent. “Do you girls understand me?” Victoria asked. “Yes Victoria!” The cheerleaders answered Victoria. “Good!” Victoria said in her usual perky voice. The squad went into the girls locker room to change out of their sweaty gym outfit. “Great practice!” Ginger said hugging Debby. “See aren't you glad you tried out!” Ginger said happily. “Cheer leading has its moments!' Debby laughed. The girls exited the girls locker room. Debby fell asleep doing her homework. “Princess wake up!”Mom said gently. “My hair!” Debby said feeling her hair. “You have plenty time to worry about that!” Mom said calming Debby down. Debby laughed. ~ “Lets go Hawks! Lets go!” The cheerleader cheered at the top of their lungs. Debby and the audience nervously watched the two teams score touch downs. Debby knowing that under those helmets were the jocks. The worked like a team. It was the near the end of the fourth quarter both teams were tied 17 to 17. Till David passed the football to no one. Everyone watched as the football flew through the air, nobody saw William till he caught the ball and TOUCHDOWN! The Hawks had won the game! “After that game I don't think I will ever hear ever again!” Debby said massaging her ears. “It takes a couple games to get used to it!” Ginger laughed. “William great save!” Debby said happily. “Thanks Debby!” William said. “It was David's idea!”William admitted. Debby knew she still had not found his talent yet! She knew she would have look harder. Does he even have a talent? Debby thought to herself.

Chapter 5

"Great job girls! I'm sorry to say that practice is over see you next year!" Victoria said. Everyone hurried out to go off their separate ways. Debby hurried to the gym to help decorate for the prom.

1 hour later

"Debby tape me!" Devin said on the ladder. "Excuse me? Please would be nice!" Debby retaliated. "Debby please tape me!" Devin said. "Hey Ginger over here!" Debby shouted from the center of gym. "Hey wow you guys have been working really hard on this!" Ginger said in amazement. "Thank You!" They all said. "I did the most work so you should be thanking me!" Ian said on a bench while he was blowing up balloons. "Contrary my friend I did the most work!" David yelled from the other side of the gym. Soon the gym exploded with the Jocks deep and high voices. "Stop it!" Debby screamed. She heard her voice echo throughout the whole gym. 'Thank you! It doesn't matter who did or didn't do the most work, all that matters is that the prom is going to be amazing! Isn't that what everyone wants?"Debby asked. Everyone nodded. The bell rang. The jocks left the girls to go to P.E. "Hey Debby lets go! I think we should get to class!" Ginger said. "Good idea!" Debby said smiling at her best friend. As the girls came out of the gym they faced a new atmosphere. Boys and girls buzzed around them. "Oh no!" Ginger said as she looked up. It was obvious that the prom season had officially started! Before they even reached their lockers Ginger already had a date for the prom. For the rest of the day Ginger bragged about how cute her prom date was. Finally Debby had enough! "Ginger stop! I've heard enough can we talk about something else beside the prom!" Debby yelled. "Don't worry you don't have to listen about the prom or anything else I say! Your just jealous because I have a date for the prom and you don't!"Ginger cried and stomped away. It was true she didn't have a date for the prom and perhaps she was jealous. But she told herself she didn't care. But deep down she did!

Chapter 6

Debby had just declined the fifth boy. She was still angry about the whole prom thing! "Hey Debby you dropped this." Mr. Posvar said handing a folded note to Debby. Debby snatched it quickly. "Haste makes waste."Mr. Posvar said walking away. Debby opened the note.

Lets go Debby, lets go! Go with me to the prom! Love A Secret Admirer.

"Victoria" Debby snarled. "Victoria, why would you leave me a secret admirer note?" Debby said. Victoria looked confused. "Wow either someone else is pranking you or you actually really have a secret admirer! Oh and I didn't do it if that's what is bothering you!"Victoria said shocked. Debby looked down and walked away. "Sorry."She mumbled. Tuesday had passed and now it was Wednesday. Debby looked around to see if anyone looked at her. But no one even glanced at her except the teachers. "Mr. Posvar better not be my secret admirer!" Debby thought to her self as she exited biology. The familiar bell rang for lunch. Debby sat with jocks they soon got annoying with details about the prom. She listened politely. "What about you Debby?"Devin asked Debby. "Oh I don't have a date."Debby said looking down. The jocks looked confused. "Lucas from football said he was going to ask you!" Jared said. "I said no." Debby said ashamed. "I actually refused every guy."Debby said feeling herself go scarlet. "Why?"The jocks asked Debby. "Because I am not going to the prom!"Debby announced. "What you have to go you helped out so much!"Jared and the rest of jocks protested. "I don't want to go! Its just a dumb prom!"Debby said. "Come on Debby! Please come to the prom!"The jocks pleaded. "Sorry no!" Debby said running away. Debby walked up to her locker she opened it. Suddenly the note fell to the ground. Debby swiftly picked it up and hastily opened it.

Be my date for the prom~A Secret Admirer.

Debby put the note to her heart.

Chapter 7

The prom day had come Debby had just attempted to fake to have the chicken pox except she forgot that she put green dots instead of red dots. Debby got to school and everybody was wearing masks. "Oh no!" Debby said. Biology was actually bearable since Mr. Posvar was sick and the substitute gave no homework. Debby had been exhausted when the boy came up to her. "Debby, would you like to go to the prom with me! I'm your secret admirer."The boy confessed. Debby didn't know who the boy was because of his mask. "Well... I don't know? What's your name?"Debby asked the boy. He ran away from Debby. "Wait come back!"Debby screamed as she ran after him. Slowly she lost him. Debby walked back to her locker. Something urged her to go to the prom.

Chapter 8

Debby walked to prom in a shirt and jeans. She decided to go find out who her secret admirer was. So she snuck back through the drama door. She hid in the dressing room as she heard footsteps. she saw a balcony and thought maybe I could get over and look and see who my secret admirer. Debby hugged the building. Suddenly her hoodie was caught. She pulled it. "James Bond never had these problems!" She said continuing to pull with all her might. Suddenly she tripped then lost her balance causing her to fall! Suddenly she was caught by her... secret admirer! He was still wearing the mask, Debby smiled and slowly took off his mask. To see that her secret admirer was someone that she could love. "William, why didn't you tell me?"Debby asked. "I was afraid you would say no so I sent you all those notes hoping that you would figure it out. I mean your smart enough!" William said smiling. "I'm no Nancy Drew!" Debby laughed. Debby started to walk"I'll be back!" Debby said. "Okay see you in there!" William said. Debby changed into her dress. She saw the doors opened before her she wasn't sure if she should go in but she did. Jared looked over at Debby. "Oh good you decided to come! And just in time for the honors award!" Jared said. Debby looked to see if Ginger was there. She saw her! " Ginger!" Debby said running up to her. "Where's your date?" Debby said looking around for the basketball player. "He was a jerk! So then..." Ginger was interrupted. "I asked her!" Ian said holding punch. "What? Ginger your crazy! In a good way!" Debby said happy that their quarreling was over. "Oh Debby they're starting the honors award better get up there!" Ian said. Debby approached the stage. The lights were dimmed, Jared went up to the Mic. "Thank you every one for coming tonight! And I would also like to thank everyone who helped out with the prom and making it look amazing. A few people I would like to thank their names are Devin, David, Matt, Ian, me of course, Debby and William. And put your hands together for William who forced us to do it."Jared said almost screaming. Everyone was clapping and politely chanting Williams name. William was blushing. "Thank you!" William said as he bowed. "Brava!" Ian shouted. "Devin crank up the tunes!" Jared shouted from the stage. The prom went on like it had never stopped. "Debby can I have this dance?"William bowed. "Yes you may!"Debby laughed. Soon everyone was dancing on the dance floor! Soon the night was over and parents cars were ready to pick up their teens. Debby wished the night wasn't over. But it was! Just in one night Debby snuck in the school, fell off the school building, found her secret admirer and found Williams secret talent. That he catches me when I'm falling!

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Good Night!

Well its getting late better go to sleep! Will try to blog about game tomorrow! Later! Check my blog tomorrow!


Tennessee: 7
Pittsburgh: 7


Kick Off Game


Kick Off Game

Nothing much 9:06 PM. Except Lizzie booing the Titans! LOL! And Briana whining because she has a towel on her head! Player 43 just caught the football with one head!!! 4 point for the pick but he has 8 points total! 9:09 PM

The Amazing Steelers!

Right now our family is watching the kick off game! I will update you on touchdowns and major events!

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Glamorous Liz Commercial!

You may have seen her commercial on her blog but I decided to put it on my blog!

Friday, July 24, 2009

A pointless and boring post...

WARNING THIS POST IS SO BORING YOU MAY NOT WANT TO READ IT! IF YOU HAVE GUTS TO READ IT DON'T FALL ASLEEP!!! Today is Anna's big day! Whoopee. You can tell by how I'm writing I am not looking forward to this event! Like I say when I am upset. "I am overwhelmed with joy!" Then I walk away! Her friends are like 6 foot! LOL! I nicknamed them the "Amazon girls!" LOL! Today Anna still doesn't want to do the photo shoot! Sisters! Today daddy is coming back which means don't expect me to blog everyday! I had to do a paper for English! I had to start on Monday! The best part was after I was done I would be on all day! Anyway hopefully I will get picture's of Anna and "The Amazon girls"! Anna has short friends too! One of my friends is coming too! So its not like I am going to die or anything like that!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Memorial Day Hike!

The Damp
Picture after Noah (Far left) almost fell into the river! (At the bottom Lizzie, Zach, and Ethan below Noah!

Pretty flowers


Okay I know this was a long time ago but I forgot about these photos! When we were hiking it looked like it was going to rain some people didn't care like us! We started with a word of prayer to protect us on our hike! (Good thing we remembered too!) We started to hike! Everyone was staying in groups I was ahead with Lexi, Caroline, and Emily! We were together for about 15-30 minutes. Then the adults caught up there was a big hill to climb everyone didn't know how they were going to climb it but Lizzie, Daddy, and I ran up the hill! Lizzie and I have strong legs because of Irish Dance, Daddy has supper strong legs because he mountain bikes! People down the hill were to me none existent to because after that I ran for 3 miles to get ahead and she what was coming! After my first 2 miles I jogged down the mountain! I was disappointed because I had no pictures! Till I came to the river that when I took pictures (View#1). Then I waited for ever I got curios of what was up those rocks! I thought it was to hard to climb up because the rocks went almost straight up! Then Noah Blair (my sisters old flame!) caught up with me! We thought that we should at least try and climb the rocks first we fell down because the rocks were slippery because of the rain! But he and I are persistent to keep on trying, so we did! It was hard because there was no handle bars we looked down and were frightened to see what our fate was but of course we kept climbing till Noah came to one spot of water he could not see! I felt a jerk on my side, I told him to hold on to my red jacket! Noah barely on the rock had slipped when he got to the water. We started to slip I thought we were dead. But there was a skinny tree branch we both agreed to push our legs against it to get back on the rocks. It worked barely but we were alive! We started to climb I was ahead so I told him what to look out for since I am taller! Soon other people started to climb we told them to stay as far away from the cliff unless you want to go for a swim! We all reached the top safely the hard part was going down but everyone made it safely! Then we ate lunch at the side of the river, some people climbed but never got to the top! Noah and I kept climbing and coming back down safely without fault then we had to walk back to the parking lot! This was a trip that I will remember for the rest of my life!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Baby's Coming!

Chapter1 News that ruined my life!
Hello my name is Sarah! I had the most perfect life in San Fransisco Good grades, Best Friends,Party's,and A whole swimming pool to myself (And my mother of course!), till the news came!
"Hello, Sarah! Were home!"called mother over the stairway. Sarah looked over the stairway, Sarah spotted her step dad. Sarah wrinkled her nose when she turned her back. She didn't understand why her mother had to marry that Joseph Brown! That's what she called him, smug old Joseph Brown. He had never even got her name right! "Sarah, your brother is here!"mother called with her hand on his shoulder. Sarah walked slowly down the stairs. She had paused at her step brother and walked to her mother. "Mother, you forgot..." Sarah made sure Andrew heard..."He is not my brother, he is my step brother!"she proudly declared. My step dad was on the sofa. Suddenly my step dad looked right at me as if I was already dead, my stomach turned. My step dad turned off the TV and got up from his comfortable position, and walked toward her. "What did you say!?"Joseph said anger as he placed one of his strong hands on her shaking shoulders. Sarah didn't notice her ten year old brother crying, Sarah saw her step brother bustle up the stairway. "Sarah, please go up stairs." mother said disappointedly. Sarah ran to her room she couldn't stand her new family.Sarah started to write in her diary..........................Dear Diary: Ugh! I'm so sick of changes! Why couldn't my mom be single! I absolutely hate my step dad! And brother, I hope no one else comes in this family! Wed. Dec.2007.
Chapter2 ER
"Sarah, dinnertime!" Andrew called. Sarah came down the stairs. "Whats for dinner?"Sarah questioned. "Pizza, and then were going out to ice cream-"mom was interrupted"Mom,Sorry but your not getting any thinner!"Sarah said rudely. Mom laughed, Her step dad and brother all held each others hand. "Sarah, I'm pregnant!"Mom said. Sarah couldn't believe what she had heard. Sarah felt weird all of a sudden, Sarah collapsed to the ground, she had fainted! My family raced to the ER (emergency room) in an ambulance , It should of been a limo! "Mom where are am I?"Sarah asked . "I had the most terrible dream you were pregnant!"Sarah gasped. "Sarah,I Am pregnant! It's a girl her name will be Malissia!"Mother replied. Sarah felt small inside as if the whole world was going against her. What would she do!? "We are going out to look for furniture do you want to come!?"Mom asked. Sarah nodded, maybe some how I could... No that wouldn't work! Sarah thought. It was to late Sarah was already dressed, "Sarah! Your better we were so worried about you!"Joseph said. "WE!"Sarah said confused."Of course mom and you!"Sarah said angrily. Who invited him and his rat of a son in MY FAMILY! I'll get them good!!!!! Sarah thought to herself.
Chapter3 Deal with it!!!
It was Saturday morning Sarah sniffed the air it didn't smell like 100% Pure maple syrup. Every Saturday morning mom made pancakes. Sarah was mad she ripped the covers of the bed and ran down the stairs madly. Sarah saw her step dad with his hands running through his shiny commercial like hair. He looked up at her Sarah saw his eyes saying were in trouble! Sarah forgot all about the pancakes and maple syrup! "Sarah, your mom is at the hospital. She is in labor,I'm so sorry Sarah!"her step dad said sympathetically. Sarah realized he actually cared about me! Sarah ran to her dads side. "Ive decided to call you my dad not step dad something with Andrew!"Sarah said happily. Sarah felt like they were one big happy family! Andrew joined them!
Chapter4 Change of heart and mind!
Sarah ran up stairs as soon as they had breakfast she open her diary and wrote:Dear Diary:I'm so happy Mom is going to have a baby girl her name will be Malissia Rose Brown! It even sounds good, Dad made her room already! I hope they'll be home soon! Sat, Dec.2007!.Sarah and Andrew decided to help dad with the house . Andrew suggested to make a card for mom and Malissia. "Its beautiful sparkles,sequins, Andrew your an artist!"Sarah complemented his card. "Sarah,Andrew come see something."Dad called. Sarah and Andrew looked at each other and smiled, it had been so different since Sarah excepted her new dad and brother. Sarah gasped she couldn't believe what she was seeing! "It's great Dad!"both children said running to their father. "Malissia will love it!"Sarah said happily. Sarah,Andrew, and their Dad looked at the room happily.
Chapter5 Difficult times.
Sarah and her new family had a bad Sunday without mom. Mom was going to be home Monday after school. Mrs. Android gave Sarah and Andrew no homework."Sarah I feel so bad for you! Your mom isn't home!"Madison said to her best friend. Madison was really close to her mom too! "Dad is here! Were going to visit her!"Andrew informed his older sister. Sarah followed Andrew to the car. "Hey guys! You want see mom ?"Dad asked. "Ah!"Sarah and Andrew agreed.Sarah, Andrew, and their Dad had waited two hours in rush hour suddenly Dads phone rang he answered it.”Hello?” Dad said as he answered his phone. Suddenly his face turned white like the paper color of Andrews coloring book. He hung up and looked down and looked back at Sarah and Andrew.”Guys your mom was in labor and when they where helping her get on the cart she slipped and shes not waking up. The doctors asked us to come and they are sending us a police escort.” Dad finished the spine chilling tale. Sarah couldn't believe it! Things had gone from bad to worse! The police arrived and Sarah and the rest of her family got into the police car. Even though it wasn't cool for Sarah it was really cool for the other kids to see a police car in rush hour. Soon they all arrived at the hospital. A nurse came up to them and showed them without hesitation Sarah's mom. Sarah looked and saw her mom laying there with tubes in her body and a screen right next to the hospital bed.Her pulse was surprisingly normal but to Sarah she looked lifeless just laying there. Dad was the first one by her bed he held her hand a started to sob. Dad soon fell asleep by her side. Andrew was sleeping on one of the chairs. But Sarah couldn't sleep like Andrew she was sitting in one of the chairs but she just stared at mom, Sarah didn't know if she was tired or not she just stat their staring at mom not thinking or anything just staring. As Sarah was about to dose off to sleep, Sarah saw her moms eyelids open slowly. Sarah jumped out of the chair and into her moms arms. Mom hugged Sarah for what seemed to be for ever. “Are you okay?” Sarah asked mom. “Now I am!”Mom answered with a hug. Dad lifted his head to see mom up.
Chapter 6 Polka dots
1 year later!Mom had just finished the last dot on Malissia's wall. Malissia smiled brightly as she saw mom's smile. The wedding had passed and Malissia's 1st Christmas had come and gone. And it was now spring. Sarah smiled as she saw her new family in Malissia's room, she ran to her room to write in her diary.Dear Diary, I'm so happy mom married Joseph Brown! Now I have a beatiful baby sister!
The End

Pictures from movie!

Megan and Lizzie
Megan, Lizzie, and I

Half of Dylan, Megan, Anna, Lizzie, and I

Megan and I

Lizzie and Princess
I know I look different from when you normally see me!

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Movie

I am at filming right now! We watched part of it already its okay! Doubt it will be a huge success like we planned! Tell you more when it is finished!

P.S. We will have no photos till we get unpacked sorry! Looks like everyone was partly right me secret talent is acting!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bedroom Stuff

Body Pillow

I need some stuff in my new room! Does anybody have something in their room that they find very useful? Need lots of ideas! Please comment!
P.S. My room will be purple, green, and aqua.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Secret Talent Revealed

One of my best pictures!
One of my favorite painting.

My weirdest photo!

Don't know who voted for what! I know Sonja voted for acting! I don't know who voted for singing I'm not good but I can barely carry a note! I'm glad nobody voted that my secret talent is dance because I suck! I hope to get better! I'm okay at Art my mom is a artist Lizzie is the second closest because she knows how to sketch, I can really just watercolor! Even though I never put Photography I admit I can take some good pictures!
Okay I have been acting since I could go to Kindergarten! I met this super shy girl I was desperate to be her friend she wasn't popular or anything I just liked her! Everyday I would go up to her and ask if she wanted to be friends! I think her mom forced her to be friends with me but we are still best friends! Every time we get together we do a movie, play, singing competition! Our secret method to our acting was practicing the scenes with Barbies! I know a very funny way of doing it but it works!
This is our last movie! Because of course a movie needs more then just 2 actors! So we bribe our siblings by giving them money or something! This time they got to create their own characters! I play the lead Bailey comes from a small town! I think I might want to become an actor! Doubt it! I am slightly dramatic! I think. Please comment!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Secret Talent

With summer already here I'm bored so I want people to guess my secret talent you probably guess wrong something only my best friend knows! And she is coming down this Sat. can't wait! If you guess right I'll tell you! I hope you keep guessing till you get it right! Vote on the poll on the left!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More St. Patrick's Day Photos Found!

This lady took these photos. She does all these high tech stuff for our dance school. She sent a link and I found them. Thought it was cool how Chasity and Jameson got to ride in a car! I wish it was me! Jameson said he was very cold!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Late St. Patrick's Day!

Sorry I haven't blogged since forever! Well not forever but pretty close! Where to start? Well I had a pretty busy St. Patrick's weekend. I had two performances on Monday, three on Tuesday (St. Patrick's Day!), one on Wednesday, and two performances and the Parade on Saturday! It was moved from the 14th to the 21st because it was cold and rainy! Now its sunny! Lizzie didn't dance as much as I did she was sicker than a dog or even sicker than a dog if it can happen. She doesn't get sick often but when she does its really bad I got sick Friday but still did performances but it wasn't that bad! I like Lizzie don't get sick but colds and I don't last long! Which I am grateful for! Sadly no pictures but this guy is very good if you see any of me I'm in my solo dress the gold one I looked only pictures of me in the parade!

Oh! Chasity and Jameson got to ride in a car because they won Oireachtas this year! I wish I could of ridden in a car!

1-3 shows Walsh Kelley marching in the parade!
19-21 shows some pictures of our dance school performing! Picture 501 is my favorite I think!
To see photos click continue!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Special Request!

Somebody asked me what Cassie Gille got at All Irelands! Well she got... 21st place thats pretty good! She was listed (Corda Mor). Just thoght I would let everybody know!

P.S. Hope I spelled her name right!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

Its been the second time its snowed of course its melted by now! We couldn't take picture
before because our camera was broken I almost died! Anna complained she said it was too cold! Wimpy, wimpy, wimpy! LOL! But here are some pictures of Lizzie and Tazz playing and posing in the snow! Please comment!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Our Christmas Tree

This year is our first year using our $1 fake tree! We bought it from our neighbors they were selling almost everything for a $1 that was 2 years ago! We put it up but my dad wanted a real tree and pouted and we got a real tree. My Dad worked his festive touch and decorated the tree we all helped! I'll blog about the outside later I still have to take a picture! Can't wait till Christmas and our Southern Regional Oireachtas! Hope our Senior girls qualify for Worlds Mrs. Aine designed new school dresses for them they look like solo dresses! I saw them last Tuesday and I saw Shannon Gaylords today she lives in Greensboro so Mrs. Aine has to bring it to her on Wednesday. I love my Irish dancing ornament I got it from my Aunt and Uncle and my cousins for Christmas two years ago! Its in the front of our Christmas Tree!

Happy Thanksgiving

Mrs. Nancy, Mommy and Daddy, Bill and Carol.
Mr. Fried Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving! I lost my camera not really just left it at our neighbors house got it back today! We spent Thanksgiving at our neighbors house. We aren't in the circle of trust in our church as my dad says. Nobody invited us ( I wonder why!) except our neighbors the Mr. Eamon hes Irish and every year we dance at his St. Patricks party and we get a special gift! But St. Patricks day is another holiday! Most of the pictures are blurry because Anna is new to the whole camera thing she'll learn! I only took one nobody knew so ... attack of the camera! People we now did different things like traveling to Oireachtas, tiling their kitchen floor, and play Star Wars on the Wii! I actually played Star Wars with my dad I was Count Dooku and dad was Yoda! I kept shocking him he soon turned into Count Dooku and shocked me back alot! Then I went home and blogged about the Atlanta feis! We all had a good Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mount St. Lily Mae

I made this volcano a month ago it just sat on our dining room table forever! It is raining now down here in Charlotte! So we had to do the eruption in our screened porch! At first I told my assistant Miss Anna Sears to stand back, i did to but nothing was happening! So I duped the 1/4 of a cup of white vinegar like I was supposed to then it erupted fully like I wanted it to! The camera ran out of batteries so I only captured the beginning of the eruption! I had to do this project because I'm studying Rome and Mt. Vesuvius, so I built the volcano model with my two fine assistants Miss Glamorous Liz and Miss Anna Sears they are wonderful assistants! If you want to make your own the recipe is at the bottom. Some people just skipped the dough which is a little expensive and just ask their neighbor for a soda bottle and just do the eruption part! Its really fun!

Step 1: Make the Volcano Surface

First, you'll need to make a batch of play dough, which you'll use to form a realistic volcanic surface on your model.

6 cups flour
2 cups salt
4 tablespoons cooking oil
2 cups water
Food coloring

Mix the flour, salt, cooking oil and water by hand (no electric mixers!) in a large bowl until the mixture is smooth and firm to the touch.
Add a few drops of the food coloring of your choice in order to give the dough its desired color. Remember, this dough is going to form the outer surface of your volcano, so feel free to make it look as realistic or as wild as you want!
Once you're finished with the dough, set it aside and get to work on assembling the model itself.
1 cardboard box or sheet of plywood
1 liter soda bottle, clean and empty
Old newspapers
Tape or glue
Homemade play dough (see recipe above)
Rolling pin
1 tablespoon baking soda
1 tablespoon dish soap
Food coloring
1/4 cup white vinegar

Step 2: Assemble the Volcano
Take your cardboard box or sheet of plywood, and set it on a large, flat work surface.
Place your soda bottle in the middle of the box or sheet of plywood; it will probably help to make sure the bottle is attached to the box or plywood, either by taping it down or gluing it firmly.
Don't worry about looks at this point - the bottle will soon be completely covered!
Roll up the old newspaper or other scraps of paper into tight balls.
Place the balls around and up the soda bottle, sticking them together with tape or glue as you work, in order to form a conical volcano shape and conceal the bottle.
Lay the play dough on a flat surface and roll it with your rolling pin until you've formed a thin sheet large enough to drape over your volcano.
After placing the sheet of play dough over the model, make sure you remove the dough just over the opening of your soda bottle, so you have a hole in the top of the model.
Enhance your model by adding detail! This is your chance to get creative. You could spray paint sections of your volcano brown or green, make trees or people out of any remaining dough, paint red streams starting at the opening of the volcano and traveling down the mountain to symbolize lava flow, make ridges and channels in the dough to create texture - anything you want!
Allow the model time to dry. (This could take up to 24 hours if you've added paint, so plan ahead if you're making this for a school project.)
After the model is dry and you're ready for the grand finale, measure 1 tablespoon of dish soap, 1 tablespoon of baking soda, a few drops of food coloring (try red) and a small amount of water into the opening of your soda bottle.
Finally, the moment you've been waiting for:
The eruption! When you're ready for your volcano to erupt, add 1/4 cup of white vinegar into the soda bottle, and stand back!
You've just witnessed the chemical reaction that occurs between a base (the baking soda) and an acid (the vinegar); the eruption results from the release of the carbon dioxide gas that is created, just as it does in real volcanoes.

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Lynnwood Stable Photoshoot!

My family and I love to go to the stables, its very fun to talk and feed the horses oatmeal cookies! And Anna loves to be with the horses its her speed! Anna Lizzie loves to the in front of the camera, and I love to be behind the camera! Anna rode Cinnamon a Appaloosa I do believe. I'm not really into all the gumbo but I really love to be with horses! Unless they bite or step on me! Anna has never been bucked of a horse! The first horse Anna rode was Summer also an Appaloosa! Then her favorite horse Beau a Quarter horse, she can't ride him anymore cause he bucks and Miss Terri Lynn says its too dangerous to ride a bucking horse! They looked amazing together and they both miss each other! They she started to ride George also a Quarter horse. Then she started to ride with Cinnamon! Then only one time Jasper, and then Cinnamon! Very confusing! Irish dancing seems much simpler! We all decided to have our parties once a year there! Anna had her party there she rode Patty (she's blind!) I rode George and Summer, and Lizzie rode Sassy her kind of horse! I like fast horses but not too fast! When we were waiting for Anna and we (Lizzie and I) climbed the haystacks! Then we had a stew and went to Keepers at home.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Our New Countertops

We just got our granite in a few hours ago! My mom loves it! We got our little wood piece in on Monday by someone in our church the Kelly's. Mrs. Kelly comes to some of our local feises (Feile Rince Charlotte and Rince nah Eireann). She came to my first feis I really liked it! My dad is out on business and will be back tomorrow. I really like it we lived like people back then no dishwasher, sink, running water, or counter space it was horrible had to fetch our water from the bathroom and do dishes outside in our screened porch!

But we learned to be grateful for the stuff we had! We also learned that our dishes got cleaner by hand washing them. We emailed the pictures to our dad I hope he likes it! My mom said she looks 10 pounds heavier on camera I said that the camera usally adds 20! My dad told me that! Can't wait for him to come back home! He's been gone two weeks!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Baking Day!

We had a baking day yesterday! Anna and Lizzie helped with the cookies. I made them, Anna rolled the dough into smooth round balls, and Lizzie rolled them in sugar, she called it suger bathing! And I gently pushed them down! Lizzie wanted some pictures of her(not a suprise!) baking in the kitchen! I didn't know Lizzie was getting into the cookie dough so I caught her trying to eat some she was very made at me! We made four trays of gingersnaps, one pan got burned by accident! Anna was not watching the cookies and the pan burned. But the three trays were perfect! Sometimes I forget to add sugar or something that makes the cookies good! I think they were pretty good! There are only three left and we made them yesterday ! I think some little mice snuck into the cookie jar! (Anna Jane, Lizzie Lane, Father in Black, and Sue Rue! In other words, Anna ,Lizzie, Daddy, and I! My mom is innocent! The reason why there are so many pictures of Lizzie is because she is loves the camera! Big Suprise, not really! We even had a fashion show! Lizzie won Anna didn't want to do it she isn't in love with her self as Lizzie is! Oh! We made the cookies all by our selves!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Shawn Johnson

Shawn added a third Olympic medal to her count, taking silver in the floor individual finals today. Romania’s Sandra Izbasa was first and teammate Nastia Liukin finished third. With Shawn's All-around and Team silver medals, she is now one of the most decorated U.S. gymnasts in Olympic history. Congratulations Shawn!

These questions were on her website I found it interesting!
Q. What grade are you in at school?

A. Sophomore at Valley High School, a public school in West Des Moines, Iowa, USA.

Q. How old were you when you started gymnastics?

A. My parents put me in gymnastics when I was 3 because I had too much energy around the house.

Q. How have your parents been supportive of your gymnastics?

A. They have and made sure that what I’m doing is what I love and enjoy. They have just supported me in everything that I have done and are the best parents ever.

Q. What’s your favorite event to do?

A. My favorite has always been the balance beam.Q. How often do you practice? A. I usually work out 4 hours a day and 5 to 6 hours on Saturday with Sundays off. A typical practice consists of practicing every event for about an hour. A lot of people assume I have private coaching, but I work out with 13 other girls at the gym.

Q. What kinds of food do you eat as an elite gymnast?

A. I don't really follow any specific diet. I just eat very healthy, well balanced meals and try to stay away from sweets. A normal breakfast for me is yogurt and scrambled eggs, lunch might be a wrap or salad with some fruit, and for dinner I eat a lot of fish or chicken and fresh vegetables.

Q. What do you eat before competitions?

A. Before every competition I try to eat light so I don’t feel full and may have some chicken and fruit or maybe a little pasta. After the meet I’ll eat a filling meal with carbs and meat to help kind of heal and re-energize my muscles for the next day.

Q. Who is your role model in gymnastics?

A. My biggest role models in gymnastics have always been Kim Zmeskal and Shannon Miller. I always loved watching their gymnastics and am now able to personally connect and relate to them which is such an honor.

Q. Who gets more nervous at events – you or your parents?

A. I would probably say my parents, just because they have watched me grow up and have seen everything I have worked for and done, so they are just really protective and anxious. All they want is for me to be happy and come out of everything perfectly healthy wearing a smile.
Shawn Johnson won three silver medals and one gold! I love winning gold medals!