Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Baby Got Equations!

Well I wrote this for our math poems/rap! I ended up being the only one doing a rap! So funny! But I want comments and reactions! Have to go enjoy!

Baby Got Equations

Oh my goodness, Becky, look at the equation

It is so big!

It looks like one of those equations that those math

teachers write down on the board! know...Who understands those math teachers anyway?

They only solve equations because their teacher

looks like Ms. King, ok?

I mean that's just so big!

Uggh! It gross!

Look, its just so big!

I like big equations and I cannot lie

You math students can't deny

That when a teacher writes down an

equation with X, Y, and Z on the board

You get stumped!

Got that equation engraved

So you know that those students get A’s

It looks like one of those large ones

With plenty of unknown variables!

Oh baby, I wanna solve with ya!

Cause your math book got plenty of equations

My teacher tried to console me

But those equations you got makes ("Me so brainy")

Ooh, momma-mia

You say you want area

Well, square me, square me

And teach me about complicated equations

I saw them solving While I was teaching

They got A’s...good grades

Those pop quizzes ain't gonna lower down their grades

I'm tired of crazy guys

Saying they like smaller-sized

Ask the average student to take a look

They’ve got more knowledge

then their book!

So...Teachers (Yeah), teachers (Yeah)

Do your students know those equations (Oh yeah!)

Well, solve it (Solve it!), solve it (Solve it!), solve those long equations

Baby got Equations

(Long equations and unknown variables)

Baby got Equations

(Long equations with unknown variables)

Baby Got Equations


Joanna said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha!

Guess it would be even funnier if you sang it to us...

irish_dancing_cat said...

hahaha thats awesome xD

Megan O'Sullivan said...

Wowww! you should totally post a vid of you rapping this! that would be hilarious! :)

Feisworx said...

yeah it would be! i made this song on halloween!