Friday, July 3, 2009

Baby's Coming!

Chapter1 News that ruined my life!
Hello my name is Sarah! I had the most perfect life in San Fransisco Good grades, Best Friends,Party's,and A whole swimming pool to myself (And my mother of course!), till the news came!
"Hello, Sarah! Were home!"called mother over the stairway. Sarah looked over the stairway, Sarah spotted her step dad. Sarah wrinkled her nose when she turned her back. She didn't understand why her mother had to marry that Joseph Brown! That's what she called him, smug old Joseph Brown. He had never even got her name right! "Sarah, your brother is here!"mother called with her hand on his shoulder. Sarah walked slowly down the stairs. She had paused at her step brother and walked to her mother. "Mother, you forgot..." Sarah made sure Andrew heard..."He is not my brother, he is my step brother!"she proudly declared. My step dad was on the sofa. Suddenly my step dad looked right at me as if I was already dead, my stomach turned. My step dad turned off the TV and got up from his comfortable position, and walked toward her. "What did you say!?"Joseph said anger as he placed one of his strong hands on her shaking shoulders. Sarah didn't notice her ten year old brother crying, Sarah saw her step brother bustle up the stairway. "Sarah, please go up stairs." mother said disappointedly. Sarah ran to her room she couldn't stand her new family.Sarah started to write in her diary..........................Dear Diary: Ugh! I'm so sick of changes! Why couldn't my mom be single! I absolutely hate my step dad! And brother, I hope no one else comes in this family! Wed. Dec.2007.
Chapter2 ER
"Sarah, dinnertime!" Andrew called. Sarah came down the stairs. "Whats for dinner?"Sarah questioned. "Pizza, and then were going out to ice cream-"mom was interrupted"Mom,Sorry but your not getting any thinner!"Sarah said rudely. Mom laughed, Her step dad and brother all held each others hand. "Sarah, I'm pregnant!"Mom said. Sarah couldn't believe what she had heard. Sarah felt weird all of a sudden, Sarah collapsed to the ground, she had fainted! My family raced to the ER (emergency room) in an ambulance , It should of been a limo! "Mom where are am I?"Sarah asked . "I had the most terrible dream you were pregnant!"Sarah gasped. "Sarah,I Am pregnant! It's a girl her name will be Malissia!"Mother replied. Sarah felt small inside as if the whole world was going against her. What would she do!? "We are going out to look for furniture do you want to come!?"Mom asked. Sarah nodded, maybe some how I could... No that wouldn't work! Sarah thought. It was to late Sarah was already dressed, "Sarah! Your better we were so worried about you!"Joseph said. "WE!"Sarah said confused."Of course mom and you!"Sarah said angrily. Who invited him and his rat of a son in MY FAMILY! I'll get them good!!!!! Sarah thought to herself.
Chapter3 Deal with it!!!
It was Saturday morning Sarah sniffed the air it didn't smell like 100% Pure maple syrup. Every Saturday morning mom made pancakes. Sarah was mad she ripped the covers of the bed and ran down the stairs madly. Sarah saw her step dad with his hands running through his shiny commercial like hair. He looked up at her Sarah saw his eyes saying were in trouble! Sarah forgot all about the pancakes and maple syrup! "Sarah, your mom is at the hospital. She is in labor,I'm so sorry Sarah!"her step dad said sympathetically. Sarah realized he actually cared about me! Sarah ran to her dads side. "Ive decided to call you my dad not step dad something with Andrew!"Sarah said happily. Sarah felt like they were one big happy family! Andrew joined them!
Chapter4 Change of heart and mind!
Sarah ran up stairs as soon as they had breakfast she open her diary and wrote:Dear Diary:I'm so happy Mom is going to have a baby girl her name will be Malissia Rose Brown! It even sounds good, Dad made her room already! I hope they'll be home soon! Sat, Dec.2007!.Sarah and Andrew decided to help dad with the house . Andrew suggested to make a card for mom and Malissia. "Its beautiful sparkles,sequins, Andrew your an artist!"Sarah complemented his card. "Sarah,Andrew come see something."Dad called. Sarah and Andrew looked at each other and smiled, it had been so different since Sarah excepted her new dad and brother. Sarah gasped she couldn't believe what she was seeing! "It's great Dad!"both children said running to their father. "Malissia will love it!"Sarah said happily. Sarah,Andrew, and their Dad looked at the room happily.
Chapter5 Difficult times.
Sarah and her new family had a bad Sunday without mom. Mom was going to be home Monday after school. Mrs. Android gave Sarah and Andrew no homework."Sarah I feel so bad for you! Your mom isn't home!"Madison said to her best friend. Madison was really close to her mom too! "Dad is here! Were going to visit her!"Andrew informed his older sister. Sarah followed Andrew to the car. "Hey guys! You want see mom ?"Dad asked. "Ah!"Sarah and Andrew agreed.Sarah, Andrew, and their Dad had waited two hours in rush hour suddenly Dads phone rang he answered it.”Hello?” Dad said as he answered his phone. Suddenly his face turned white like the paper color of Andrews coloring book. He hung up and looked down and looked back at Sarah and Andrew.”Guys your mom was in labor and when they where helping her get on the cart she slipped and shes not waking up. The doctors asked us to come and they are sending us a police escort.” Dad finished the spine chilling tale. Sarah couldn't believe it! Things had gone from bad to worse! The police arrived and Sarah and the rest of her family got into the police car. Even though it wasn't cool for Sarah it was really cool for the other kids to see a police car in rush hour. Soon they all arrived at the hospital. A nurse came up to them and showed them without hesitation Sarah's mom. Sarah looked and saw her mom laying there with tubes in her body and a screen right next to the hospital bed.Her pulse was surprisingly normal but to Sarah she looked lifeless just laying there. Dad was the first one by her bed he held her hand a started to sob. Dad soon fell asleep by her side. Andrew was sleeping on one of the chairs. But Sarah couldn't sleep like Andrew she was sitting in one of the chairs but she just stared at mom, Sarah didn't know if she was tired or not she just stat their staring at mom not thinking or anything just staring. As Sarah was about to dose off to sleep, Sarah saw her moms eyelids open slowly. Sarah jumped out of the chair and into her moms arms. Mom hugged Sarah for what seemed to be for ever. “Are you okay?” Sarah asked mom. “Now I am!”Mom answered with a hug. Dad lifted his head to see mom up.
Chapter 6 Polka dots
1 year later!Mom had just finished the last dot on Malissia's wall. Malissia smiled brightly as she saw mom's smile. The wedding had passed and Malissia's 1st Christmas had come and gone. And it was now spring. Sarah smiled as she saw her new family in Malissia's room, she ran to her room to write in her diary.Dear Diary, I'm so happy mom married Joseph Brown! Now I have a beatiful baby sister!
The End

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