Monday, July 6, 2009

Memorial Day Hike!

The Damp
Picture after Noah (Far left) almost fell into the river! (At the bottom Lizzie, Zach, and Ethan below Noah!

Pretty flowers


Okay I know this was a long time ago but I forgot about these photos! When we were hiking it looked like it was going to rain some people didn't care like us! We started with a word of prayer to protect us on our hike! (Good thing we remembered too!) We started to hike! Everyone was staying in groups I was ahead with Lexi, Caroline, and Emily! We were together for about 15-30 minutes. Then the adults caught up there was a big hill to climb everyone didn't know how they were going to climb it but Lizzie, Daddy, and I ran up the hill! Lizzie and I have strong legs because of Irish Dance, Daddy has supper strong legs because he mountain bikes! People down the hill were to me none existent to because after that I ran for 3 miles to get ahead and she what was coming! After my first 2 miles I jogged down the mountain! I was disappointed because I had no pictures! Till I came to the river that when I took pictures (View#1). Then I waited for ever I got curios of what was up those rocks! I thought it was to hard to climb up because the rocks went almost straight up! Then Noah Blair (my sisters old flame!) caught up with me! We thought that we should at least try and climb the rocks first we fell down because the rocks were slippery because of the rain! But he and I are persistent to keep on trying, so we did! It was hard because there was no handle bars we looked down and were frightened to see what our fate was but of course we kept climbing till Noah came to one spot of water he could not see! I felt a jerk on my side, I told him to hold on to my red jacket! Noah barely on the rock had slipped when he got to the water. We started to slip I thought we were dead. But there was a skinny tree branch we both agreed to push our legs against it to get back on the rocks. It worked barely but we were alive! We started to climb I was ahead so I told him what to look out for since I am taller! Soon other people started to climb we told them to stay as far away from the cliff unless you want to go for a swim! We all reached the top safely the hard part was going down but everyone made it safely! Then we ate lunch at the side of the river, some people climbed but never got to the top! Noah and I kept climbing and coming back down safely without fault then we had to walk back to the parking lot! This was a trip that I will remember for the rest of my life!

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Sonja said...

ha, ha, ha. My sister's old flame, hm? Good Grief.