Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Secret Talent Revealed

One of my best pictures!
One of my favorite painting.

My weirdest photo!

Don't know who voted for what! I know Sonja voted for acting! I don't know who voted for singing I'm not good but I can barely carry a note! I'm glad nobody voted that my secret talent is dance because I suck! I hope to get better! I'm okay at Art my mom is a artist Lizzie is the second closest because she knows how to sketch, I can really just watercolor! Even though I never put Photography I admit I can take some good pictures!
Okay I have been acting since I could go to Kindergarten! I met this super shy girl I was desperate to be her friend she wasn't popular or anything I just liked her! Everyday I would go up to her and ask if she wanted to be friends! I think her mom forced her to be friends with me but we are still best friends! Every time we get together we do a movie, play, singing competition! Our secret method to our acting was practicing the scenes with Barbies! I know a very funny way of doing it but it works!
This is our last movie! Because of course a movie needs more then just 2 actors! So we bribe our siblings by giving them money or something! This time they got to create their own characters! I play the lead Bailey comes from a small town! I think I might want to become an actor! Doubt it! I am slightly dramatic! I think. Please comment!


NovelTea said...

I didn't vote on dancing to be you hidden talent, because it is not hidden! You are a wonderful dancer! And you are very good at whatever you do.

MLO said...

You got a way better memory than me! I don't remember anything about my mom making be friends with you. Remember that time on the playground when we used to say that we would always be friends even if so and so happened? I remember that very well.

MLO said...

Oh, and we can still do more movies right? It was so much fun! Even my brothers thought so. Please......